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on the ground near oklahoma city. this is an active and fluid situation. we'll bring you the latest details throughout the night. but look at the wild weather so far. tearing across the kansas landscape, multiple violent tornadoes. watch as lightning illuminates this twister in sanford, kansas. that tornado also touched down near rosel, where it was caught from every angle possible. and big hail coming down. pummeling this windshield in nebraska. in oklahoma city, 60-mile-per-hour winds toppled power lines. there's been 300 reports of severe weather in 2 days. major highways turning into rivers. these semis stuck in north dakota. and in georgia, parts of the land under water. roads crumbled. the steady and intense downpour, flooding backyards. this playset submerged from the rising waters. >> it rained from 2:00 until 6:00, nonstop. >> reporter: and across the plains today, storm chasers, like me, are bracing for more. the threat still exists tonight. i want to show you the area that has to be concerned. it's from oklahoma city, up to even kansas city. remember, missouri, you're still in it
this unfortunately through the day tomorrow. it is muggy, mild, 73 in the city right now. 71 pasadena. your evening planner does reflect a lot of clouds and fog, 66 at midnight. 70s by tomorrow afternoon. it could hit near 90 degrees later this week. >>> now out of baltimore county, a fight in a dorm on a campus links the one student stabbed and a man under arrest. happened at 6:00 in the morning yesterday inside eriksson hall. the student will be okay and they arrested him charges him with fish and second degree assault. he had reasonably withdrawn. alcohol did play a role in this. then two miles away from umbc, police are investigating a friday night murder. it happened on bellwood green. police say the call came in that a man killed somebody and then killed himself. he is in shock trauma in critical condition. >>> two teens were shot this morning. police got there and found two boys with gunshot wounds. one victim 16 and the other 17. one victim was shot in the head, both are in stable condition. >>> volunteer fire company. >> our hero, richard brooks slowly reads the names. he died from a fire
in the middle of friday rush hour. two packed commuter trains colliding outside of new york city. 70 people hurt, some of them critically. federal investigators now heading to the scene in bridgeport, connecticut, and that is where we find abc's marci gonzalez. marci, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this morning dozens of those passengers remain hospitalized. at least three in critical condition. and the ntsb will be here on the scene today trying to figure out how this happened. >> all of a sudden we just hear, boom, and then we saw like smoke everywhere. >> reporter: a terrifying collision, a commuter train derailing, smashing into another. >> we heard something, and the train rolled sideways. >> reporter: it happened just after 6:00 last night during the busy evening rush. a metro north train leaving new york city somehow losing control here near bridgeport, connecticut, barreling straight into the path of another train heading in its direction. between the 2, 700 people were on board. >> my immediate instinct was to get up and to brace myself because i could see that we
are the investigations into muslim communities? the associated press, investigation into profiling here in the city of muslim community, that same team, that same team was that the administration came to and said, please don't print this. oversaw two wars for the associated press. this isn't their first rodeo. >> that's right. >> the ap is never compliant. the ap is responsible. >> to hold -- >> the administration is denying this whole investigation is about that story, about al qaeda leak story. >> it's broader that. george, jeff raises, i think you have a third of the committee investigating the administration, it seems the rest of the president's agenda is languishing, what agenda? >> in fact, the president ran a campaign designed to defeat mitt romney, not give him real momentum going forward. those of us think there's entirely too much trust in government, if we drain the reservoir the trust. >> we played in the open, michele bachmann raising the specter of impeachment. >> that's silly. republicans can't be blamed saying that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. there's a crisis of confidenc
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4